Marin Melavious

Marin is an extremely old rock gnome, barely holding onto life.


Marin is a 5th level wizard and artificer.


I come from the Dark Forest to the north of Marion…

Before the Long Old Road

Marin admits to being born in Marion in a time when piracy was rampant. Up until age 20, he lived there in relative comfort with his small family, including a loving mother and sister. He has kept various other events in his personal life a secret from the party, though his battered attire and poor social skills make it clear that he was a hermit. In his time among the other adventurers, Marin has made many strange claims. To some, he appears senile, living in his own twisted world- what clearly elderly gnome would say that it’s 12 years old? His character is not aided by his appearance, as his two broken legs have forced him to design a new method for movement. Marin also carries all of his equipment in a reinforced trash bag attached to the rear of his machine.

Despite his apparent disconnect with reality, Marin has stated one clear driving goal- to find his “lost” family. This objective might be a little out-of-reach, however, as he cannot even walk through the deep desert without disappearing into the sand. This problem is a direct result of his newly designed clockwork spider legs. Each of the seven legs in this contraption utilizes gears and pulleys for an almost-average movement speed. Magic also plays a key role in this device, being one of the primary tools Marin can call upon to fix his legs when they fall apart. Being so new, Marin has little idea what will become of him when these legs shut down for good.

Marin won’t be stopped from exploring a recently discovered pyramid, a fascinating structure with countless mysteries buried in its ancient rooms. He knows that there is still much to learn from the ancient machines, possibly applicable to his own builds. In addition to personal goals, Marin has demonstrated compassion for some of his other party members and has a code of ethics. His religious views play a role within this code, as he believes that a fundamental system exists in the universe to connect all beings. Unfortunately, Marin might not be able to pass this knowledge on to others. Marin is nearing his expiration date, and is thus determined to advance his magic to aid in these quests. Even if he will not be alive to see it come to light, Marin is bent on achieving his goals.

In Death’s Shadow

Recent events have shaken Marin to his very core. Though the other party members seemed responsible for Marin’s brush with death, he did not feel anger towards them. Instead, Marin was petrified with fear. All his goals, his dreams, could be shattered in a heartbeat.

Marin originally planned to live alone in his dark, lonely home. Everything changed when he met the caravan group. He was reminded of his lost family, so his desire to seek them out was rekindled. However, Marin was in no hurry. He felt obligated to help the others around him to achieve their own goals. At least, until the accident.

Up on the rocky cliff of a dead-infested island, feeling intense pain shooting through his veins, Marin thought that his journey had reached an end. Miraculously getting a second chance, he decided to get his priorities straight. In the shadow of death, Marin found himself more attracted to objects of power. Many magical tools, such as a ring of flight, could heighten his seeking abilities, enabling Marin to find his family. At the same time, Marin needed a way to escape death, including death by old age. A rune golem could long outlast its maker, with the strength to accomplish what Marin likely never could. However, Marin didn’t seek to dominate his companion. Being a part of nature, this golem would be respected as a friend and ally.

From limited research and prior knowledge as an artificer, Marin recognized that several steps would be required in the creation of a rune golem. These would include additional research and study, the gathering of materials, and finally the building process.

Marin Melavious

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