Trouble on the Long Old Road

The Sad Tale of Stan the Half-Man
We say good bye to an old friend... amd welcome a new, smaller, one

We start our sad tale after our heroes finish off the last of the wights and are preparing to leave the tower. Noticing that the tower has been set ablaze by Pakon’s curious lighting of a fire, the group swiftly moves to leave the tower. Upon exiting, Stan the Man notices a large object inside the courtyard… so he charges, and is promptly squashed from a flying boulders. Noticing his companion’s demise, Mazek Stormleaf grabs JjJjJjJjJj and Shrek Ajdar, and pulls them behind the wall so that they will not follow in Stan’s footsteps. While Shrek and JjJjJjJjJj retreat, Mazek fires arrows at the source of the boulder that killed Stan. Miraculously, while Mazek is covering the retreat of his party members, Stan gets up! Pausing to heal himself, Stan then continues his valiant and boneheaded charge towards what Mazek now recognizes as Stone Giants. Looking around at the companions currently with him, and realizing how screwed they were, Mazek quickly casts flaming sphere and slowly moves it towards the giants, with Stan following the sphere. Stan mistakenly stands next to the orb, and gets burned. Soon after, Stan gets liquefied by another boulder. Seeing this, Mazek retreats back to Stonekeep. Upon returning to Stonekeep, ensuring that JjJjJjJjJj and Shrek returned safely, Mazek makes his way back to the lost city in order to retrieve Stan’s remains and reincarnate him. Once again at Stonekeep, after retrieving Stan, Mazek sells the group’s loot and Stan’s property for the 5000 gold needed for the spell. After some magic is completed, Stan wakes up! But, something is off. For he is no longer Stan the Man, but Stan the Half-Man, as he is now a Halfling, and not a human. And thus, the story of Stan the Half-Man ends.

It's time to say good bye to a dear friend

Stan the Man died today as a large stone fell on him……Twice……. Long live Stan the Half-Man

After the Temple of Kernn
Goblin Hunting

Returning to Marion after exploring the temple in the lost city Kernn, a new opportunity arose, goblin hunting. Belril Pegason hired the party to hunt down a goblin war pack at the price of 50 gold per scalp. The party was sidetracked, but eventually, tracked down the pack of goblins. After demolishing the pack located in an old keep, the party realized that there are two packs instead of one. The party is currently hot on the trail the second pack.

Trouble on the long road
City of Kernn

Hired to help protect a The Pegason’s Trading Company caravan, Party Leader Mazek Stormleaf, and Gnome Tinkerer and Dementia Patient Marin Melavious are joined by others in the human port city of Marion. The party sets off on the trip to the Dwarven city of Stonekeep, travelling along the old road. After running into, and defeating, a few giant centipedes and a few desiccated zombies, a huge sand storm came in and blew the caravan off of its course, and deep into the desert waste. After wandering about the waste for a day, the party discovered the lost city of Kernn.


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