Trouble on the Long Old Road

The Death of the Party

a series of idiotic decisions

Party members involved: Mazek Stormleaf, Mumble, Marin Melavious, Ban, Stan the Half-Man, JjJjJjJjJj, Henk, Cassius Karkos

Today, everyone died. I hate it when that happens.
What? You want to hear what happened? Oh, fine!


Following the cave-in of the catacombs and burning of the town, Team Wehaventthoughtofaname (patent pending) set off across a lake to the island where the villagers buried their dead. Along the way, JjJjJjJjJj got stoned again and almost died yet again, and Ban actually died, yet again. Upon reaching the island, everyone climbed up a cliff. JjJjJjJjJj, who got up second, ate some wild mushrooms and went into a fit of madness, running off screaming. Meanwhile, Mazek erected a hut spell for everyone’s long rest, Js notwithstanding, and all of the people in the force dome went to sleep for a long rest.

Eventually, the madness wore off, and JjJjJjJjJj stopped running. Since a screaming nudist running across an island is bound to attract all the zombies which no-one thought weren’t of course there. JjJjJjJjJj then ran to the edge of the island and along the coast to the boats they all came on. Seeing the hut dome, JjJjJjJjJj levitated on top and laid down for a short rest.

Ban was having none of that. Having woken up earlier, he was not pleased to be looking at the underside of a nudist. Therefore, instead of attacking the horde of bloated zombies that followed JjJjJjJjJj back for the safety of the dome, he shot thrice upward at the hapless nudist, even hitting a nut. Then, he used his last arrow for the zombies because why not? This woke up Mumble (pronounced “mmfphm”), who then decimated some of the zombies. Meanwhile, Mazek and the others woke up, and the dome ran out. Thankfully, Mazek created another, but not before JjJjJjJjJj fell in and healed.

Once Mumble ran out of spells, he was let back into the dome, and Cassius and JjJjJjJjJj went on top to replace him. Before they could get any attacks in, though, Stan decided to start a melee with the exploding necrotic zombies, which is of course a great idea. Not only was this inadvisable by itself, but it also forced a battle order, which barred Cassius and JjJjJjJjJj from attacking until their turns. The final blow to the team, however, was the lowering of the shield from the necrotic explosions in favor of causing more of said explosions with a fireball, courtesy of Mazek. In total, everyone in the party was doused with 130 points of necrotic damage. Whether this was truly the end, as well as how or if the party can continue, has yet to be decided by God. Please consult God for any questions on the subject.

Fatalities: Ban, JjFrog, JjSnake, Mazek, Mumble, Marin, Ban, Stan, JjJjJjJjJj, Henk, Cassius


Correction. The shield was not dismissed, the spell ended. Had it been raised again, the walking corpses would have been inside the hut.

The Death of the Party
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