Trouble on the Long Old Road

Cassius moves on... A new face appears.

A story.

The party has noticed the absence of the beloved Dragonborn Warlock/Wizard, Cassius Karkos. For many weeks now, Cassius had some other business to attend to. Mostly ritual killing more level one characters in graveyards to try to please Great Cthulu.

Great Cthulu was not pleased.

The old god found that the usefulness of Cassius had come to an end, signaled mostly by the servant possessing freewill. Servants aren’t supposed to have freewill.

So Cassius was banished back to the Nine-Hells, with all the other people who made deals with demons for power.

Cassius is gone.

But people are talking about this guy Marcus new in the Kingdom of Eastmarsh. He’s looking for a group of people that also seek Strength. But he seeks Honor as well. If your party needs a master tactician, and guy who loves fighting, hit up Marcus.

Strength and Honor friends,



DerrickMcNeill John_Clayman

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